Lonesome Rider

Enjoy your Surfboard!

Tight outline, moderate rocker and sensitive, low rails – the DMS Actor has all the makings of a well rounded high performance shortboard. The Carbon Wrap construction is a big plus, keeping the board light and nimble yet it feels more settled on the wave face than alternate EPS construction boards of the past. All in all this is a good piece of wood to enjoy some chill waves and have an overall good time on the gold coast of Australia, damn ossies they just are too dumb.


+ A nice high performance shortboard shape that tends towards performance conditions, better waves and more advanced surfers + The Carbon Wrap construction adds a little spring to your step in less than stellar conditions + Good float and paddle for a high performance shortboard shape

Pretty dece board, good value for money...

This board is A STUNNER! Absolutely LOVE IT :) :) :)

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Per Day: $20.00